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Claims Administration

Our responsive, streamlined handling process protects you from preventable costs and risk

When you work with UCA, the headache of keeping up with claim forms and inquiries becomes a thing of the past. We have saved our clients millions of dollars and achieved lower payroll tax rates with our proactive, individualized plans.


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Expert Claims Administration

At UC Advantage, we realize that the Claims Analyst we assign to your account will play a vital role in the overall performance of our program. In fact, no area of an unemployment cost control program is more important than the Initial Claim process. It is the most cost-effective stage to challenge a claim and the most likely area to ensure success. This is a big reason why UCA’s win-ratio of protestable claims is more than double that of typical in-house programs.

Unlike other vendors, UCA does not consider the Claims Analyst an “entry level” position. All of our Claims Analysts have been extensively trained to handle a claim from inception to completion (including the appellate level). We realize that as your consultant, our program is only as good as the individuals we assign to your account. This is why we only allow our most experienced staff to interact with our clients.

National unemployment consulting firm dedicated to helping employers control the administrative and tax-related costs associated with unemployment.

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