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Case Studies

Case Study

Saving Millions for a Nationwide Non-Profit

UC Advantage took over unemployment claims administration from a competitor for a client in Northern California. The client was a very large non-profit organization with over 4,000 employees nationwide in 27 states. Of particular concern was the state of California’s quarterly reimbursement billing, which was averaging about $2 Million per year.

Within two quarters, UCA was able to reduce the reimbursement billing amount by almost 70% and it has remained consistent over the following ten-year period.

The savings for this organization in just one of the 27 states in which they operate, over a ten-year period exceeded $12 Million.

0 %
Reduced reimbursement billing
$ 0 M
Savings over a 10-year period

Case Study

Improving Hearing Win Ratio for a Large Fortune 50 Company Saves Millions in Taxes

A large Fortune 50 company based in Chicago moved its business to UC Advantage over ten years ago. The win ratio for the client with the incumbent Third-Party Administrator (TPA) was 72%. 

Within the first quarter of moving to UCA, that win ratio was raised to 86%, and within a year they increased to winning over 97% of contest-able claims. As a result, the company’s annual tax savings has been between $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 and has been as high as $4,000,000 in a one-year period.

0 %
Win ratio
$ 0 M
Annual tax savings over a 1-year period

Case Study

UC Advantage Helps Women’s Homeless Shelter Lower Overhead Costs

A small women’s homeless shelter non-profit located in Salt Lake City was paying an unemployment insurance vendor $20,000 a year to administer claims. UC Advantage’s program cost was just $3,500 per year. So, not only did the client save over $16,000 annually in administration fees, but with the upgrade in TPA’s, the organization saved an additional $50,000 a year in claims costs. 

The total annual savings represented over $75,000 that could back into the programs that assist some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

$ 0 K
Admin fees annual savings
$ 0 K
Claims cost annual savings
$ 0 K
Total annual savings

Case Study

UC Advantage Produces 30-1 ROI for Large Staffing Company

Large Staffing Company located in Indianapolis had experiences tremendous growth in 6 states, but due to turnover from their industry, they were getting overwhelmed with claims. The organization had claims being sent all over the country and had no formal program in place in house to deal with the process. 


Within 30 days once UC Advantage was hired, all claims were under control and UCA was generating a huge ROI for the client in terms of winning claims, putting claimants who had filed claims back to work, and finally putting employees back to work who had already met taxable wage base requirements for the state and federal UI tax. This client had a significant ROI in multiple areas of our program. Operational cost savings from outsourcing their unemployment insurance claims, decreased State Unemployment Insurance taxes from claims management and audit activities, reduction in UI rates from Voluntary Contribution efforts, and a reduction in the costs associated with finding and hiring as the company put individuals back to work who had assignments ended. The ROI for this program alone was 30 to 1 annually.

A large Indianapolis-based Staffing Company had experienced tremendous growth in 6 states, but was overwhelmed with claims due to turnover in their industry. The organization had claims being sent all over the country, with no formal in-house program in place to handle the process. Within 30 days of being hired, UC Advantage had all of the company’s claims under control.

UCA generated a very significant ROI for the client by:

The ROI for this program alone was 30 to 1 annually.

Case Studies

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The answer is YES. However, in order to effectively manage this process, an employer must have the time, knowledge base, and necessary tools in order to take full advantage of all available savings.
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